VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Sunday 19 April 2020

at: 09:00-09:30

Özgür Sevinç, Vienna/Austria based A / V artist, producer of strange instruments, music producer and social worker. Their multimedia practice grew out of the visual art studies in Vienna, serigraphic work processes and their visual and / or acoustic live performances. The artist focuses on the conception, development and manufacture of electrical instruments, mechatronic systems, audio / video synthesizers and their performative and installative use in public spaces. In their solo project “oziloskop” they works with various synthesizers, programming languages and self-made electrical and mechatronic instruments to create optical and acoustic landscapes. Özgür works with the dancer and choreographer Elizabeth Ward and they is involved in various punk projects. Since 2018 they has also been part of an open collaboration “ØZØN” with Onno Ennoson. .


See cybersotu2020 performance: attached youtubevideo

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