Setzkasten Wien

VENUE: Echoraume

on Saturday 18 April 2020

at: 17:00-18:00

STREAM LIVE on 17:00
CYBERSOTU Festival AmsterdamI0O1 Live Concert – The duo Jakob Schauer and Stefan Voglsinger alias I0O1 are moving out of the dusk of darkness, a roar from nowhere in booming basses and screeching heights.
A no-input concert with feedback loops and the imperfection of analog circuits.17:30
Plankton Pelikan Video Installation
In an audio-visual concert performance, Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Stefan Voglsinger and Tobias Leibetseder play a spatial-installative setting deriving from different analog sound and image sources that fuse to form a fluid sound structure. You can see a section of the 4-hour imersive performance from the perspective of 3 close-up cameras.





echoraeume is an open source initiative to empower ongoing cultural life during times of corona crisis. We are not a service provider, we are a community based project.
Contributers are responsible for the content of their own hosted event and for finding their own ways of providing content.
We aim to create an open-source, non-proprietary platform, where small and medium sized organizers can continue to host events, invite artists and therefore buffer the upcoming cultural drop out.

In times of normality, art is there to interrogate if there's a crisis.
In times of crisis, art is there to maintain normality.

So, let's keep going and live solidarity! Stay healthy and tuned!

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