Sundog Moondog & Hellboii

VENUE: Radio Tonka

on Monday 20 April 2020

at: 01:00-03:00

Sundog Moondog is a sound performance by Dewi de Vree in which a collection of self built electronic instruments and receivers are used to create immersive spaces in which subtle realms of otherworldly landscapes are explored. The project is part of an ongoing research to the sensorial experience of physical experiments.


Hellboii has been very active in The West Coast music scene, including hosting regular radio shows on Radio Tonka, several live performances and collaborations, and releases including two recent 12"s on Bunker Records parent-label, Panzerkreuz Records, a "soul-shattering Gargantua of industrial machines". Also performs live/records is founding member of FREAKTHEMACHINE, a collaboration between himself and Mr Lantirn also from Den Haag) described as improvised "machine gun techno-acid". High-energy rhythms blending techno, industrial sounds and aesthetics, and acid, with gripping vocals resounding from the abyss. The future shows no sign of slowing down with another double vinyl release (new sub-label of bunker) and a further one on 12" as Freakthemachine (panzerkreuz 1035) . 


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