Yuko Araki

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Sunday 19 April 2020

at: 13:00-13:30

See cybersotu2020 performance: attached FACEBOOKvideo

Multi-instrumentalist/composer lives in Tokyo, Japan.

-Drone abstract harsh noise made up of layers of analog synthesisers with beats. She started playing piano when she was a small child and in her teenage years she was inspired by the hardcore and metal music which she heard in her hometown’s rehearsal studios. Soon that experience led her to joined a band. In 2013, she joined an Acid House duo “YobKiss”, produced by Dutch artist Paul Borchers, as a singer and an electronic musician. She formed a Neo classical noise duo “Concierto de la Familia” in 2016 and also started playing drums in an Oriental dream psych band “KUUNATIC”.

In 2017, she started her solo improvised Experimental/Noise project. She has been releasing her music from several labels since she appeared in the experimental/noise music scene in the world. In April 2018 she played a couple of shows hosted by Cherry Music and Sakura Festival in Denmark. A video footage of a show in Copenhagen was streaming on Danish TV – TVmarineret. In 2019, she performed at Jogja Noise Bombing festival in Yogyakarta ID on January, and will perform DAO XUAN International festival in Vietnam on March.

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