VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Friday 16 April 2021

at: 21:00-22:00

Del_F64.0 is a commercial project to make the founding members rich and famous. It is based on the model "696 steps to success" by Prof. Dr. Bratislav Methulsky, dealing with filthy psychoanalytic hipster crowdfunding methods, secret sexual humiliation of the audience and wrong promises of free beer if you buy a disc after the shows. The members themselves are two perfectly looking women because this it how it works. They do not even stop at presenting their cut off superlong dicks as a special gift offer for the first  die hard fans after buying a lifelong Del_F64.0-clubmember card that implies an ugly permanent anchor tattoo with the projectlogo on the fans genitals. 

In 2012 the project got arrested for the first time for giving fuck 2 pay for one offers to people in a degenerated Christian gangster retirement home. With the arrival of the police they jumped out of the windows into their "" and tried to escape with a "kickstart + turboboost + incredible faceclash acceleration till dimension popovitcz" tripplehit combo. But they were out of gas,

Now they are back from jail and horny as fuck because there not even the rats wanted to rape them (but at least had enough sympathy to subscribe to their worstly made amateur youtube channel). Developing excessively pimped vibrators to satisfy their needs they accidentally became inventors of the so called 'beatwhore' music which triumphs the charts and fries soundsystems worldwide. Fans say, in 2015 the project has become even more boring, commercial and predictible then ever.

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