Donia Jourabchi

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Saturday 17 April 2021

at: 18.00-18.30

Donia Jourabchi, Iranian, born in Brussels, is a sound explorer. She studied sound engineering at the SAE Institute of Brussels, developed skills in interactive sound techniques, real-time processing and interface design at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital and Sound Cultures in Belgium, and electroacoustic composition at ArtZoyd in France. Her focus moved towards a research-based practice during her Master's degree at the Institute of Sonology in The Netherlands. In her work, Donia sculpts textures of sound as a physical matter, designing spatial and sonic strategies. Her main focus is the movement of sound, body and space and develops experimental approaches towards a spatial practice of sound. Sound states as a potential mechanism to engage the social within the physical space in order to reject aesthetic conformity. Questioning the place of the body in the lived environment and ways to cultivate community with a shared and dynamic understanding of space and presence. She was involved in numerous collaborations, such as sound system design, public interventions, experimental electronic music, dance and theatre, electroacoustic improvisation, sound walks, spatial sound performance, sound installations, self-made instruments, radiophonic art, writing and graphic design.



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