High intelligence villains

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Sunday 18 April 2021

at: 04:00-06:00

Ian X Malikah

Ian Mole Xu,   


Sound engineer, video creator, and programmer . A bard who experiments with electronic sounds and samples. Good at creating meticulous, subtle, and extremely tense atmospheres. In recent years, he has cooperated with many artists in the fields of music , theater, new media, animation, and live performance. The style of his work is changeable, from post rock to techno,from classical to experimental. In addition to musique concrète figurative music works, several sound installations and surround sound field works combined with video have also been produced.

Hsiang-Hsin "Malikah" Wang,


As a tap dancer, Malikah believe rhythm is within everyone. Also, the condition of being "in the moment" is what attract her the most of this beautiful art form, therefore, she often take it as a reminder and tend to invite/challenge the audience to join, to play and share the magical moment together.


The power of cooperation is fascinating, the opportunity to combine tap

dancing with multi art forms, and experience of exploring/experimenting/jamming with different artists/musicians is truly inspiring, that's how Malikah found her music/performance band "Stampf!" with Rübezahl from Germany also improv-based trio band "¡nSand" together with Rübezahl & Mario Seth from Austria.