KlangBüro SoundOffice stream16

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Saturday 17 April 2021

at: 21:30-22:00

Since 2012 Norbert R. Stammberger has been running the “KlangBüro/SoundOffice” in Halle6 in Munich, a place for action and sound art, composition, artist networking and events. In the “KlangBüro/SoundOffice” you can deliver sounds live on site every Thursday or digitally to ngolx@me.com. The sound donations flow into ensemble works, improvisations, sound compositions, theater music and live streams. The house concerts with the sound deliveries of professional musicians can be accessed digitally. This year we will have some special guests we talking with about the end of music: Naoto Yamagishi, Tokyo and Daniel Door, Munich.

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