Lik de Kikker

VENUE: Poortgebouw

on Saturday 17 April 2021

at: 22:30-23:00

LIK DE KIKKER Lik de kikker (lick the frog) was born on christmas-night during a mushroomtrip...(no Joke) The plan was too go over the top with a noiseband that would Give the audience a "WTF" moment. Not only thru sounds but a big part of LxDxK is experience it's the show around IT and the people supporting IT. After 10 month's they finnaly came together in the Staalstraat Squat (velsen) Too put the plan too use. Few weeks later was LxDxK's first gig..with Many more too come. On stage now 2 frogs are Working the buttons (after the sad departure of our 3rd frog friend Henkie) producing harsh tek and noise on a battery of effect-pedals,drummachines ,samplers,synth's and noise-boxes. Mixed with the scream and lyrics of LxDxK's leader Singer 'roos filterloos' too create a wall of female fronted ,dopamine fueled unfiltered party frognoise!!!

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