on Thursday 15 April 2021

at: 02:30-03:00

система # 162 | LACANIANQAB
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This livecast was composed & recorded especially for the система | system livecasts serie by Odessa-based artist Lacanianqab.
~ "My performative practices implement the exploration of how visuality affects the perception of the sound.An image, as a field of different meanings is always restricted by aesthetic and ideological criteria. What we hear while being guided by the images doesn’t sound. The Visual places the sound into spatial dimension and time dynamic, but these are attributes of a visible object which ignore the heard event.  The vision is about being in a meta position, that is, far from the visible. Vision mediates sensory experience from interaction with a sound object through ideas of the genre, categories, aims and historical context.I remain symbolically blindfolded during my performances, to actualize the deep listening practice and develop the conceptual sensitivity, not based on visual aesthetics. The sightless side of a sound immersively connects the listeners experience with the concept of virtuality and possibility of perception unbiased by logic and rational reality. Deep listening practice reflects a subtle correlation between the experience and communication, sound subjectivity and its connection to the objective world. A possibility of intersubjective perception along with inclusion in lively and moving sound modality is being discovered in this phenomenological silence." ~ Lacanianqab (we keep author's grammar and punctuation)