Theo Nugraha & LNDG

VENUE: Yuotube Lve

on Thursday 15 April 2021

at: 13:30-14:00

Theo Nugraha (b. Samarinda, April, 1992) is a sound artist from Samarinda. He has been part of the Indonesian experimental sound scene since 2013. His discography is almost 200 releases. He has a co- founder of EXTENDED ASIA and as the Co-Artistic Director for MUARASUARA. Theo is currently studying experimental visual in Milisifilem Collective, performance art at 69 Performance Club  and also is the editor for VJ> Play column at Visual Jalanan (
LNDG a.k.a Lindung. For the first time, he was known for his activity in making various events, exhibitions and festivals in
the Indonesian graffiti scene with his friends at Gardu House. Now, he is an artist who focuses on working in the video as medium. He has been involved in making video clips of Indonesian musicians such as Goodnight Electric, Musik Hari Libur, and Sentimental Moods, among others. Since 2017, he has created a collective called BIT as a producer of multimedia performances. and started his exploration of the art of sound. In 2019, he made his first solo exhibition "SECONDLINE" at OK. Video Gallery. Which was then, re-presenting at the "Alur Bunyi" 2019 an event organized by the Goethe Instititute Indonesia in Jakarta. In 2020, together with Andang Kelana, Aditya Fachrizal, and Theo Nugraha, creating an "Extended.Asia" project.

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