Silvan Schmid / schoco mune

VENUE: Rijksehemelvaartdienst

on Sunday 24 April 2022

at: 1400-

Silvan Schmid is a trumpet player based in Switzerland and the Netherlands. He plays live and does recordings with people and projects such as Solo, Gamut Kollektiv, Alex Riva, Eddé Khouri/Glanzmann/Schmid, Félicie Bazelaire, Timothée Quost, Elio Amberg, Marina Tantanozi, Amereller/Schmid/Wheatley, Bertrand Denzler, Hum, Schmid/Svosve/Scott/Prévost, KvG's Bottom Orchestra, Urs Blöchlinger Revisited and Hans Kennel.
He is a member of the Gamut Kollektiv, whose purpose is to explore, to seek and to set new things in motion. The collective serves as a fruitful breeding ground for ideas, experiments and new processes. In addition to the annual Gamut Festival, they run the label Edition Gamut and organize different concert series in Zurich.


schoco mune - amplified prepared piano

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