ZS ZS & Ignaz Schick

VENUE: Zaal 100

on Wednesday 20 April 2022

at: 21:30-22:00

ZS ZS (Zeynep Sarikartal) is a noise and electro-acoustic project by Zeynep Sarıkartal that seeks to generate hybrid relations between hardware and software. ZS ZS performances are about improvising within certain limitations, merging harsh and rhythmical structures together with text or field recordings, and creating unexpected sound dramaturgies.

Ignaz Schick (turntables, live-electronics) is a Berlin based composer, sound artist and experimental turntablist. His music is based on old vinyl records and a playful approach of how to manipulate and decontextualize these sources. Beside composing and performing, Ignaz is collaborating with sound artists and improvisers from around the world and realizes international collective improvisation projects.

Zeynep and Ignaz have collaborated before in Istanbul and will bring it back together again as a duo for SOTU, after a long break. 

Video for ZS ZS & Ignaz Schick