VENUE: Filmhuis Cavia

on Thursday 13 April 2023

at: 20:00-20:30

"Memory" - a documentary Duration: 00:16:30 Frame size: 1920 × 1080 Author: Sasha Dolgiy Video editor: Karina Lazaruk, Sasha Dolgiy Music: Sasha Dolgiy Supported by: Maxim Poberezhsky, Nikolay Kuzin The shooting took place in December 2018. Editing, soundtrack, and film release were held in February 2019. Place: Kyiv, Ukraine. The shared memory of a social organism spreads over time more than a separate life. In this accumulation of self, it loses its uniqueness - the subject of its preservation and transmission is stratified and multiplied, and the field of interpretation expands. The emotionality and significance of memories are equal to their variability, which is in the midst of the influence of the present-day situations in the centralized dictate of social tasks and aspirations. Collective displacement and amnesia in relation to damaging memories as the supreme achievement on the way to the recovery of society: you can not remember - forget. And in this place, society takes the form of its subject, and acquires the properties of the memory of an individual, sending the unwanted past into undefined and undeveloped spaces of oblivion. Repayment of memory pain results in the need for revenge for the artifacts of history, the impossibility of humility to turn into a war with idols, which symbolize the former - this magical effect comforts the illusion of the message from the present, on behalf of the future, in the depths of antiquity, to the addressees - the reasons for any -what effects, with the words: "I'll win you". Text: Sasha Dolgiy

With english subtitles

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